Editing players' rounds

This article is about editing a player's round directly from your coach account, and requires you to be a 'super user' on the 'Anova for Teams' plan or similar. It also requires that the 'editing of player rounds' is enabled. If you wish to enable this, please contact us at [email protected] 

In your coach account, there are now 3 action buttons. 

In order to edit a player's round inputs, click on the 'edit round' button. This will take you directly to that player's 'add a round' flow where you can make changes to the player's round information. 

The 'quick edit' button allows you to make changes to the date and tournament name of a player's round, as well as the round type.

You can also change the tournament name here if the name change happens within 1 month of the tournament being played. 

The 'view round' button takes you to that player's round summary for that particular round. 

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