Navigating the web app

Navigating the web-app

This article will cover some of the basic features of Anova.Golf. 


When you first sign into your account, you will see your dashboard. When you have entered a round, you will see a summary of all of your most important statistics on this screen. 

Baseline and Compare To options

Note: As you are starting out and don't yet have any rounds in your database, you won't be able to use your own data for the "compare to" options since for example the option "Last 5 Rounds" requires that you have 5 rounds in the database. As you add more and more rounds, the sample data will disappear and be replaced by your own information. If you want to see how this works, you can enable 'sample information' by going to 'settings', 'preferences' and then clicking on 'show sample records' (see bottom of this article). 

At the top of the screen, you can see three dropdown menus. The first one is the "Baseline" dropdown. This is an important choice because your selection here will determine your "baseline" or the main data set you are using in Anova. 

You can then compare your "baseline" selection to two other "Compare To" options:

In this case, you would be using "All Rounds" as your main data set, and then comparing that data set against "Last 5 Rounds" and "Last 10 Rounds". 

This will look something like this (when you have at least 10 rounds in your database):

Your Baseline selection is the main statistic here and is displayed in the middle; your compare to variables are listed below. If you change the selections, this box will change as well:

Performance Menu

Just below the Baseline and Compare To dropdown boxes, we have the Performance Menu. By the first page you see is always the Performance - Overview page. It gives you a brief overview of all the different sections of the game. If you'd like to go into more detail in a particular section, for example "Approach the Green", you will see a page that looks like this:

It gives you in-depth details on that particular part section of your game. 

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