Approach Shots


By Thomas Petersson

updated over 2 years ago

There are two types of approach shots in Anova:

1. Proximity to hole Approach Shots. Every shot that ends up within 30 yards of the edge of the green is automatically counted as an approach shot in order to calculate proximity to hole statistics. This is exactly the same methodology as they use on the PGA Tour.

2. Strokes Gained Approach Shots. When calculating Strokes Gained, every single shot that is not a tee shot on a par 4 and par 5, and that is not hit from within 30 yards of the edge of the green, or hit from on the green, is counted as an approach shot. This means that this category will have more 'approach shots' than the proximity to hole category because layups and other shots that end up outside of 30 yards of the edge of the green are included when calculation Strokes Gained.

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