How Anova measures distance:

Anova measures every single tee shot hit on Par 4s and Par 5s and gives you an average distance number. This is your de facto driving distance; if you hit irons off the tee, your driving distance will get shorter, and if you hit drivers everywhere it will get longer.

This is different than what the tours do when they measure driving distances, since they pick 1-2 holes on a course where everyone hits drivers, and simply measures the distance on those holes.

What the driving distance numbers mean:

Increasing your driving distance number doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to try to hit it further with the driver. It can also mean that you need to be more aggressive off the tee. Hitting a 3-wood instead of a 3-iron is more aggressive and will increase the driving distance numbers. Hitting driver instead of 3 wood will do the same.

You will have to discuss with your coach to evaluate your strategy and how aggressive it is. If there is room for being more aggressive, for example by hitting one extra club off the tee (potentially giving up a little bit of accuracy in exchange for distance) this could be worth exploring as there are gains to be had here.