When adding a round in the iPhone app, you have the option of using our ‘default flow’ (which asks for everything such as break and slope, and resulting direction), or our ‘small flow’ which only asks for ‘distance’ and ‘resulting lie’. Here is how you change the settings in the iOS app:

Go to ‘preferences’ in the top right menu
Select ‘small flow’.


There are some pros and cons about changing these settings:


  • Faster round entry
  • Fewer variables to remember
  • Easier to get started


  • Fewer stats are calculated. Since you are providing us with fewer data points in the small flow, we are unable to calculate lots of things (such as resulting direction, if you miss your putts high or low, how far you miss the fairway by etc). However, we are still able to calculate hundreds and hundreds of variables for you with the small flow, but please remember that if you are really motivated and want to get the most out of our product, then we suggest that you use the ‘default flow’.