Summary: Always try to update the 'distance to hole' field to reflect the distance you actually have when hitting a shot.

The best way to get stats that are as accurate as possible is to enter your actual yardage in the 'distance to hole' field. On tee shots, this distance is pre-filled and comes from the tee database.

In the above example, 432 yards is pre-filled into the shot distance field since this is the scorecard tee distance for Lake Merced GC's green tees. If the distance you are playing is not from the tee markers, you can adjust this number to reflect the actual distance you have to the hole.

The same applies on par 3s. The scorecard distance for Lake Merced's third hole is 185 yards. If the organizers of your practice day, qualifying or tournament round has moved this tee box to another location, the best way is to update this number to your actual yardage.

If your actual distance to the hole is 175 yards instead of 185, then simply replace the existing distance with your actual distance.