In some situations, to increase your total sample size, it can be beneficial to merge 9-hole rounds together to form 18 hole rounds in order to include them in the 18-hole statistics. There are several advantages of doing this:

  • 1. Increased sample size. The more shots you have in your database, the more representative the numbers become of your overall performance level.
  • 2. By merging rounds, we are only counting the shots you have actually hit. This is very important, as simply 'doubling' a 9-hole round of golf results in you counting shots that you haven't actually hit.

To enable this in Anova, head over to the top right hand menu, and 'preferences

Make sure the 'check' the 'include 9-hole rounds' option:

This option will automatically merge 9-hole rounds that are played on the same course and the same tees into a full 18-hole round. In the 18-hole rounds list, you can see these rounds in the list with a red asterisk next to them: