This article covers how to add a round using a web browser.

To add a round using a web browser, go to the top menu and click on 'rounds'.

This will take you to the 'Rounds' screen. Here you can see all of your finished and unfinished rounds. Click on 'Add a round' on the right hand side:

This will lead you to Step 1 of the round adding process where you can select a course from the database. Your most recently used courses are at the top of the list, and you can search for other courses in the database by club name or by country.

When you have found the club you would like to use to enter the round, simply click on it and you will be taken to step two.

Is your course not in the database? Click "add new course" to quickly add it.

After you have selected your course, you will arrive at Step 2 where you select the tees you played:

Step 3 is where you enter Round information such as if your round was a practice our tournament round; the date and tour; and round number.

Step 4 is where you enter your shot information for each hole.

This section contains 3 parts:

a. The Scorecard. Here you will see the details for the round as well as a scorecard for the course that you entered in step 1. The scorecard will update as you enter shot information. You can click on each hole and you will be taken to the shot information (in part c) for that hole. The scores will be colored according to the legend at the bottom of the scorecard, making it easy to see your scores in context.

b. Hole and shot number. Here you will see on what hole you are currently inputting your shot information on, and on what shot number you are currently on.

c. Shot Information. Here is where you input the particulars of each shot such as the distance to the hole, the resulting lie, resulting direction, penalty strokes and if your shot ended up within 30 yards of the edge of the green.

When you are on the green, the Shot Information screen changes to green specific information:

When you are done adding all the shots to your round, and you have finished this for all 18 holes, then a "Finish Round" button will appear in the bottom right hand corner.

This is it! You've successfully added a round! You will be taken to the Round Summary screen where you can see the details of your round.