Anova Reports

Anova Reports are a set of pre-made reports that enable you to generate comprehensive reports super fast. Here is how you use this feature: 1. In your coach account, click on 'Reports' in the top menu. 2. Depending on your subscription, you either...

Rank Reports

Rank reports are reports that look more like a leaderboard: Players are on the vertical axis and statistical variables on the horizontal axis. Here is an example: On Rank reports, you can drag the columns into the order you want but the rows are f...

Stat Reports

Stat Reports are reports where the statistics are stacked vertically, and players are on the horizontal axis (maximum of 14 players). Here is an example: Drag and drop the columns and players in the exact order that you want them to appear in:

Subscribing to Reports

After you have created your own custom report and saved it, you can subscribe to it by email. This means that you will receive that report straight to your inbox on the dates that you specify. Here is how you go about subscribing to a report: 1. S...

Saving a Report pdf

To save a report as a pdf that you've just generated in Anova, follow these steps: 1. Click on the 'Save report' link just next to the 'Generate Report' button. 2. Give the report a name. 3. The saved report will show up in the 'Saved Reports' sub...

Saving a Report Filter

To save a set of filters, please follow the steps below: 1. Select the filters you would like to use for the report. Once done. Click on 'generate report'. 2. Click on the 'Save Filters' link, right next to the 'Generate Report' button: 3. Select ...

Customizing a report

Creating your own customized report is super easy! 1. First, navigate to the 'Reports' section 2. Decide whether you want to run a rank report or a stat report in the 'Report Type' drop down. 3. The only two other mandatory drop downs are 'cat...

Printing reports

Here is how you go about printing a report from your coach account:

Answering detailed performance questions

Answering detailed performance questions by using the reporting features in Anova. 

Generating Reports

Generating Reports